Daytrip Overview

Put In – Yates Cider Mill

Pull Out – Heritage Park

Distance – 5 hours at a leisurely paddle

This past July, My wife and I (both experienced canoeists) treated our brother and sister-in-law to a relaxing day away from the kids paddling down the Clinton River via a canoe.

We started our trip at Yates Cider Mill with the goal of pulling out at Heritage Park. Having done this route before, we knew this would be a 4-5 hour paddle depending on river conditions.

We were able to outfit all of equipment needed for 2 parties, so we decided to use our own canoes and paddles for the day trip. However, we noticed several companies renting out paddle craft equipment at the inlets and outlets. These rental companies made which was awesome.

The highlights of our day:

  • The trip was full of beautiful riverside scenery that slowly transitioned from raw nature to urban energy.
  • The river at one point bends around Jimmy John’s Stadium, so we were able to take in the sounds of a baseball game. That was an unexpected yet pleasant experience.
  • There were plenty of sandy riverbanks and public parks to pull off and have a beer or enjoy lunch.
  • We went on a beautiful day so we shared the river with several paddling parties. Everyone we encountered was friendly and courteous.

​I would totally recommend this route to anybody looking to experience Macomb County’s scenic river life. Just note, in the summer the water levels can be low which makes some areas shallow/difficult to traverse.