Living in Macomb offers a wide variety of bike and walking paths. This is a path that has a lot of character and is anything but boring. I lived in Sterling Heights for a couple years without knowing this was available to us. I hesitate to share how great it is, because I love the path so much it’s like my favorite secret!

We typically start at the Clinton River Road entrance off Edison Ct, just West of Schoenherr. When you first get on the path, you’ll notice its newly paved. It’s a beautiful ride as we keep to the right of the first intersection. Notice at the bend that here is a mountain bike path for those that like the off-road style. As we wind around the path, the view of the Clinton River is alongside for most of the ride. We often see deer and other wildlife in this area. After we pass the new beautiful Dodge Park bridge leading into Dodge Park, we continue following the river. The path curves a lot, goes up and over some small hills, and leaves you thinking about how beautiful it is out in the park and so glad you came.

We take the path through South Clinton River Park, under Riverland Dr as the path winds around, then in another mile, we go under Van Dyke which leads into Clinton River Heritage park. (The pathway under Van Dyke can be wet if riding after a rain, so be cautious. They take great care in trying to prevent water from coming onto the path, and you’ll notice that its usually cleaned up by the park staff.) Follow the path over the bridge, when you get to the subdivision, make a left on Nichols St and go up the hill. It’s a little tough, but much more fun coming down. Next make a right onto Davis Dr and take that street to go into the tunnel under M53 which will take you to the fabulous Memorial Park in downtown Utica. Take a minute to enjoy the sights at the benches along the river and wave to any kayakers!



Get back on your bike and cross Auburn road (cautiously). Take this fabulous new path which starts with a tunnel headed towards River Bend park, part of the Rochester and Utica State Rec Area. After you get through the tunnel, there are a few hills that, again, are much more fun going down so look forward to that as you work your way up them. You’ll cross over a couple of wood bridges that still smell new. There are two pretty hard hills, so if you are a newer biker, remember there’s no shame in walking your bike up. This newer path is about three miles from the tunnel to the end of the path at Ryan and Hamlin.



If you take the path from start (Edison Dr entrance) to the end and back, you’ll have a beautiful and exciting 18 mile ride that doesn’t feel like exercise with so much to see. As always, be courteous on the path and always use an audible signal when passing, a “passing on your left” or ring of a bell is always appreciated by both walkers and bikers alike. Happy trails!!

Theresa S.