The Macomb Orchard Trail has been instrumental in my adventures through Northern Macomb County. Riding on MOT was blissful escape from the typical city riding and sidewalk surfing I was used to in other parts of the county. Whether it was a hot summer afternoon or a brisk fall day, picking up the trail in Richmond and riding to Armada was an escape from the day to day trappings of a hectic life.

As time went on, new options opened up to me thanks to the MOT. I was able to take dirt roads from my house at 24 Mile and Gratiot up to Richmond. This opened up not only relaxing rides, but also a way to run errands or meet up with friends. Traversing from my house to the trail at Lowe Plank I was able to see things I didn’t know where in Macomb County. Whether it was the house outside of New Haven that raises emus, or making my way out to the old Wolcott Mills Golf Course, the Macomb Orchard Trail has been vital to exploring what northern Macomb County has to offer.