You know, those community walks and runs are not just for the athletic, right?  There are lots of people out to support a cause and/or enjoy their surroundings instead of being competitive – join them! Maybe its a 1 mile or a 5K (or even farther if you are so inclined), but get out there!

Use them as an invitation to friends and family members to set aside a specific time to enjoy some exercise and each other’s company while supporting your community. It is a win all around.

This is the way it was when I signed up to do the Sprint & Splash at Lake St. Clair Metropark. My friend and I would often go walking in the park and as my son got older, he joined in too. So, we decided to make it a formal event by signing up for the Sprint & Splash. It was my first “official” walk and, at 7 years old, my son’s too. Our goals for the day were to have fun and not to come in last.

It was basically the same route we normally take through the park, but this time, we had people cheering us on!  Along the way, we waved to the runners who were already headed to the finish line on the other side of the loop and marveled at the kayakers and stand up paddle boarders who were braving strong winds on their course. All while setting our own pace as walkers.

During the walk, we talked about continuing to sign up for events in the future. My son even came up with a team name for us to fit our lake surroundings – Team Duck – “because ducks don’t run.”

At the end of the event, we had accomplished our goals and got to join in the post-race celebration with the other participants. A good time was had by all – by both athletes and “ducks.”

There are so many walks/runs in Macomb County throughout the year – there is something for everyone.